Report child sexual exploitation and get information.

Report to NCMEC

Social Media Safety Guides


Safety Guides for the most popular sites and apps out there.

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Great resource for parents, teachers and kids. Age appropriate material for Kindergartners to teenagers.

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Incident Response Tool For Schools


 It takes the right tools and a collaborative approach involving educators, law enforcement, and parents, to effectively prevent and resolve technology-related incidents in schools and create a safer technology environment for students.

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The Alicia Project


 Alicia Kozakiewicz is an international advocate for preventative safety education and effective legislation. As a survivor of Internet luring/abduction and child sexual exploitation, Alicia has devoted her life to raising awareness of missing persons cases and protecting children against predatory crime. 

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Protecting Kids Online Podcast


A very informative podcast on online safety from the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force

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Digital Futures Initiative


 At DFI, we empower instructors and parents with resources and solutions to help guide today’s digitally-connected youth in a positive direction—so they can make better decisions, mitigate digital threats and use the power of digital, mobile and social media in a positive way. 

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